Panca Trisna Tjahjadikarta, born March 12, 1963, is the founder and the owner of PT Agro Usaha Tama.The third-born’s interest in the commodity trading business started when he worked for his uncle in Surabaya, East Java.He began by selling three Indonesian commodities at the time: shelled candlenuts, imported garlics and peanuts. Seeing the massive business opportunity to become pile crops from farmers and be a middle man in commodity trading, Panca Trisna packed his bags in August 1988 and moved to Makassar, South Sulawesi – one of Indonesia’s richest agriculture baskets.Living on an entire island away from his hometown, Panca Trisna started his venture by renting a small warehouse on Jalan Dakwa No 5 in Makassar. He began selling shelled candlenuts, imported garlics and peanuts which he had gathered from smaller merchants. He also began trading with green mung bean exporters.

As the business grew, PT Agro Usaha Tama finally managed to buy 3.2-hectare land in 1992, complete with an office unit and two units of warehouses.
Since that point on, the company expanded both inwardly and outwardly. More commodity crops were added to the inventory, from corn, cacao beans, rice and black pepper to sesame seeds, cashews and cloves. New customers from overseas soon followed and expanded the company’s network internationally.

The booming business later attracted the attention of Panca Trisna’s younger brother, Tobatto Tjahjadikarta who joined the company in 1998 and worked with cacao exporters and cashew exporters. Thanks to its focus on exporters, PT Agro Usaha Tama was able to navigate through Indonesia’s economic crisis in 1998 and even came out stronger as the rupiah’s sharp depreciation against the dollar gave the company an advantage. With stronger capital accumulated in the midst of the crisis, the company ramped up investment, built more warehouses and added more machines to increase efficiency.

To this day, PT Agro Usaha Tama has, and will always, strive to continually grow bigger and better in trading Indonesia’s high-quality commodity crops — such as raw shelled cashew nuts, cacao, green mung beans, corn and pepper  to both local and international customers. The company welcomes customers from all around the globe who seek to take part in establishing contract-based connections to promote Indonesia’s best commodity crops.